Dufour 360

ret Size isn’t everything.

At Dufour, design and practicality are not synonymous with large units. Every sailboat deserves the best so the Dufour 360 boasts all the range’s innovations and features. This winning bet sets it apart and makes it unique.

A quick and stable hull whatever the speed, a fully equipped steering station and an immense cockpit secured by the rear seats with a complete galley. And the Dufour 360 has much to offer inside. As well as two and three-cabin options, the lounge’s double bench can accommodate up to eight guests at your table.

Whether you’re taking in the coastline with family, on a regatta with friends or sailing around the world, the Dufour 360 aspires to offer sensational enjoyment whatever the circumstances.

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Technical specifications

Overall length
10.73 m

Max beam
3.54 m

Keel weight
1 550 kg

Engine power
19 cv

25.5 m²

Waterline length
9.05 m

Light displacement
5 775 kg

Fuel tank capacity
90 L

Sail area
60 m²

Hull length
9.99 m

1.90 m (1.60 m opt)

Water tank capacity

34.50 m²

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